Why You Should Hire A Local Web Designer

Why You Should Hire A Local Web Designer

Web design has grown to be more affordable over the past ten years or so; with more tools, user-friendly hosting, and selection available.  What hasn’t changed is the need for a professional web designer’s touch.  No matter how flashy or how easy it is for someone without any experience to design their own website, there will always be restrictions and missing assets that can only come from a pro.

Before you search for the cheapest hire or web design companies online, consider hiring a local web designer first.  There are a number of reasons why dealing with someone you can meet in-person is preferred over an online-based relationship.  Don’t let the convenience of instant online transactions fool you, a local web designer can be worth your while.

Here are a few reasons why:


More Budget-Oriented

Local web designers don’t have the marketing budgets that large web design agencies have online.  They have to offer a more attractive service to anyone who can simply make a few clicks online to find a web designer.  That isn’t to say there aren’t web designers who advertise locally that are expensive, it’s just that you will find cheaper services being advertised, as those who seek there services are looking to save money for a small sacrifice of convenience.

Also, many local web designers are going to be students or those just starting their careers.  They are just as qualified as any other web designer, they just don’t have a portfolio built up yet, so they have to lower their prices to get business.


Communication Is Key

Some website start-ups just focus on the time and money that is spent on their web design project.  They feel as though the web designer should know what they want with just a few instructions and selected materials.  No matter how skilled a web designer is, if you do not properly communicate your ideas, before, during, and after the work is done, there will always be a risk that the design fails to meet your vision or misrepresents your brand completely.

Being able to meet your web designer in-person allows you to size up your partner’s competency beyond the bullet points on their resume.  You can determine whether or not they actually understand your wants and needs, rather than replying to an email in the affirmative.


Separate The Pros From The Fakes

Feedback is also a valuable component of hiring a professional web designer to handle your project.  If they do not have much to say about what your goals and ideas are for the website, then they might not be as experienced as they portray themselves to be.  This is a common problem with online hires.

Taking the time to call and interview your field of local web designers is the best way to secure your vision and the integrity of your brand.  Get everything in writing, make sure you have multiple channels of communication available, and you will find that personal touch to your website that separates the “good” websites from the “outstanding” ones that leave a lasting impression with lower bounce-rates.

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Author: Noah Vertefeuille

Noah is the owner of Outside the Box Design. A graduate of the University of Connecticut’s Digital Media and Design program, Noah learned the foundational elements of digital marketing and media. He built on that foundation with jobs at Cigna, Nerac, and Control Station. Have a question for Noah? Feel free to reach out at noah@outsidethebox.design!