Marketing Consulting

What It Is:

The practice of bringing in a subject matter expert to consult on projects is a norm across many industries. Marketing is no different. Sometimes you need a second opinion or viewpoint and other times you may have a problem that you don’t have the experience to solve. Whatever the situation, marketing consulting can benefit many in the small and mid-sized business communities.

What We Do:

As the name implies, Outside the Box Design has a team of marketing experts that think outside of the box. With experience in B2B and B2C markets, our consultants are equipped to access the current business environment, and suggest changes or additions to keep your marketing efforts running smoothly.

Why You Need It:

Unless you have a marketing degree, it is almost impossible to be on top of the latest marketing trends or best-practices. You should be focus on running your business, not trying to find the best way to market to your customers. Let us help you create a marketing machine for your business that will be a help, not a hassle.