Why You Need to Hire an SEO Professional

Why You Need to Hire an SEO Professional

If you have ever tried to market your products (or services), or even to simply post some content online, you probably stumbled upon SEO. If you are not particularly familiar with this acronym, its meaning is very straight-forward: Search Engine Optimization, implying its intended purpose of making sure that any content you post online is “optimized” for search engine platforms, such as Google.


Why does it matter? The better your SEO, the higher your content will rank on relevant Google Searches. The higher your ranking, the greater the chance to expose your content to a new audience!


The brief explanation above is obviously a very general description: SEO isn’t just about keywords and rankings, but it follows an ever-evolving set of skills, knowledge and strategies that are very important in order to make the best out of your rankings. Hence, hiring a professional for SEO purposes would be a winning move: here’s why!


Staying Up To Date:

The SEO industry evolves very rapidly, and SEO practices change quickly. For instance, Google recently modified their SEO algorithms, rendering many SEO practices obsolete. A SEO professional is likely “in the know” and updated on what happens in the industry, so by hiring a respected pro in the niche, you can rest assure the work is up to the most modern and effective SEO standards


Saving Time:

SEO work can be very time consuming, and even if you think you are not quite bad at SEO yourself, outsourcing the task to a professional within this particular niche could actually be a great way to avoid overloading yourself with work. This is particularly great if you run a small business, where you find yourself handle multiple tasks. By outsourcing SEO, you will have more time to focus on developing other important areas of your business and perhaps even take  a well-deserved break!



Hiring a consultant for SEO services is not a crazy expense, and the amount of money you invest in hiring a SEO professional could definitely be a sound investment, as your content could help you generate more revenues and gain more visibility. SEO campaigns can be extremely flexible and you can certainly find somebody who could accommodate the scope of your project, your budget and needs in any given scenario. The beauty of hiring a freelancer is that you don’t need to have a permanent SEO team in your business, and you can work with someone, whenever you


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Author: Noah Vertefeuille

Noah is the owner of Outside the Box Design. A graduate of the University of Connecticut’s Digital Media and Design program, Noah learned the foundational elements of digital marketing and media. He built on that foundation with jobs at Cigna, Nerac, and Control Station. Have a question for Noah? Feel free to reach out at noah@outsidethebox.design!