How To Be Found On Search Engines

How To Be Found On Search Engines

Not all great ideas are noticed, so designing the best and most impressive website may not be enough if barely anyone can find it online.  Of course, having a poorly-designed website or bad content can quickly make your website disappear on search engines, you’ll still need to do some additional work if you want to get your website exposure.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

SEO Basics

While designing your website, make sure you capitalize on consistency and utilize headings, titles, meta descriptions, and tags for images.  Do this for every page, so that your website looks interesting to Google (yes, Google has an algorithm that essentially determines the value of your website).

It is also just as important to have regular, fresh content being published on your website.  Old webpages will slowly die, no matter how effective the SEO is on the page, if it isn’t receiving activity on the publisher’s side.


Keyword Optimization

Strong SEO includes having some level of keyword optimization, hopefully for keywords that have been well researched and are high-ranking, but low competition.  What you’ll need to do is to find keywords that identify with your website content, will likely be related to what people are searching online for, and then push them into your website content as naturally as possible.

You can either search online for keyword rankings and their subsequent competition levels or you can hire an SEO expert to do all of that for you, then it’s just a matter of incorporating them into your titles, meta descriptions, headings, and content.  If you don’t have the time or need help optimizing your keywords, try hiring a professional, like Outside the Box Design.



What this essentially means is that linking back to another website creates more value and more traffic to your website.  Google factors the number of high-ranking websites you are linked back to when determining the value of your website.  You can try to get these coveted backlinks by asking higher authority websites related to your niche about doing a guest post or collaborative effort of some kind.

Forums and comment sections of authority websites provide a high value that can boost your website’s search rankings overnight, if you are able to secure the ability to link back to your website.  Social media websites are the most accessible way to bring in tons of backlinks for free, all you need is a bit of activity from followers online.


Social Media Marketing

As mentioned previously, social media can create a lot of free backlinks for you in a short amount of time, if you play your cards right.  What you’ll need to do is get people to share your website posts, creating social media signals, which Google likes to see when ranking your webpage.  The best way to go about this is by avoiding spammy promotions and try to take advantage of news, buzzwords, and trends by incorporating them into your website’s blog for a place of discussion.  Try to avoid product giveaways until you’ve built up a decent following on social media.


While this article highlights some of the elements of a good SEO strategy, it is only a part of the picture. Contact us today to learn how we can boost your search rankings!

Author: Noah Vertefeuille

Noah is the owner of Outside the Box Design. A graduate of the University of Connecticut’s Digital Media and Design program, Noah learned the foundational elements of digital marketing and media. He built on that foundation with jobs at Cigna, Nerac, and Control Station. Have a question for Noah? Feel free to reach out at!