We are the best and the brightest!

Our team is made up of up and coming designers, marketers, and developers.

Who We Are:

Outside the Box Design is a small web marketing agency with one purpose, to help small to mid-sized companies in our community build a better presence. As the name implies, we don’t look for the cookie cutter solutions. We are young and eager, ready to make trends and change the game.


What We Do:

We could go into detail about the thousands of lines of code we write or the most up to date SEO trends, but we don’t want to bore you. We will tell you this much, we create content that is clean, to the point, and easy to connect with. Want to learn a little more about what we do? Fill out the form or give us a call!


Why Choose Us?

You are running a business, you really don’t have time to think about your marketing collateral or keeping your website up to date. We make it simple. As a member of your community, we are looking out for your best interests. The best part? You don’t need to invest tens of thousands of dollars in our services. We want you to have marketing that works with YOUR budget. Interested in giving us a try? Let us know!


About the CEO

Outside the Box Design is owned and operated by Noah Vertefeuille. From a very young age, Noah was always fascinated by technology, innovation, and business. He took this fascination to the University of Connecticut where he was one of the first graduates of the Digital Media and Design(DMD) program. In the DMD program, Noah learned how to capitalize on skills to become a better digital marketer. When he graduated in 2015, he saw the need for affordable marketing services in small to mid-sized business. He founded Outside the Box that same year as an effort to better assist the local businesses in his community. In his spare time (which is rare), Noah likes to spend time with friends and family, play ultimate frisbee, and go on hiking excursions. You can contact Noah at noah@outsidethebox.design.